The leading fashion designers, manufacturers of garments, textile experts are all concerned about a bunch of common things year after year, fashion season after season. These are the elements of fashion that join together in the fashion design procedure to create spectacular garments and accessories. If you want to become a fashion designer in Patna then you have to join AFS Patna. For AFS Patna only fashion designing in Patna has become very famous. Talent is important, but fashion design in Patna involves technical areas like garment manufacturing technology, apparel construction methods, textile science, fabric dyeing and printing, computer-aided design, etc. training adds the right know-how to innate aptitude. A regular course also helps in placement, depending on your institute’s reputation and links with the industry.  Now, become a Fashion Designer in Patna by joining AFS Patna.

Here are a few reasons why AFS Patna is the best for Fashion Designer in Patna and why fashion play a big role in your Life:


Colour is an important factor in Fashion designing. Colour is the first thing you notice about a garment. The value and intensity of colour used, the proportion of different colours used, colours of the accessories used, where the colours are placed all are very important in the fashion designing process as the first impression of anything is important. Basically, colours are classified as warm and cool colours and then black and white. The designers use colours to create illusions of size, light etc. Effective colour schemes are used to enhance the look of the garment. While joining AFS Patna they will teach you about the colour and how it is used while your training period. Which will help you in your training period and also if you want to become a fashion designer in Patna you have to keep in mind all these things.


If you want to become a fashion designer in Patna then you have to choose AFS Patna classes for your better future. Over here there are much other fashion designers is Patna at you get special training from AFS Patna only. If you want to become successful in fashion designing in Patna if have to keep in mind that season, taste, occasion, body shape and size of the wearer, the special effects required and desired are all considered when choosing and designing the silhouette for a particular garment. The silhouette should complement the body of the wearer as well as be in sync with the time period. Designers use various style elements to change the silhouettes like the trumpet skirt with a very exaggerated bottom part or the corseted bodice which is figure fitting or the shoulder pads which creates the illusion of a broad shoulder. Gain knowledge in all this matter and become a fashion designer in Patna by joining AFS Patna.


Fabric is also important to point when you are becoming a fashion designer in Patna because if you have an idea about all these things then you become a successful fashion designer. The type of fabric you choose for design is very important in how it will shape up. The fabric texture refers to the hand or feel of the fabric including its stiffness or softness and its appearance, drape and the visual effect of all these on the consumer or who wearer. Other than the smooth appearance of most fabrics there are a variety of fabrics with different textures- some are, some crinkled, some crushed, some woven with raised patterns. Most of the fabric texture is achieved by the particular type of weaving of fibres, some texture is made as a result of the fabric finishes used after the production. A swatch of the fabric is kept in the design board so that the texture of the fabric is at the forefront of the design process. So AFS Patna will help you out to achieve your dreams and become famous in the world of fashion designing in Patna.

Dress details and decorative designs: 

AFS Patna will help you out because in Patna there are many fashion designer in Patna and your competition level is very high to compete then you have to join AFS Patna and become one of the become a fashion designer in Patna. This includes details given to enhance the look of the garment like yokes, strategically placed fabric patterns, cutouts, peplums, sleeve hems,  collars, darts, lapels, bands, frills, ruffles, panels, pleats, tucks, bindings, inserts, gathers. The Decorative designs include surface embellishments done on the fabric used for designing like embroidery, applique, quilting, trims like tassels, fringes etc. All these are added keeping in mind the type of fabric, simplicity or complexity of the garment, functionality of the garment etc.

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