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Kudos on making it to the second stage of the NIFT entrance exams 2019! The candidates applying for the prestigious Bachelor in Design program at NIFT colleges around the country will have to take the upcoming NIFT situation test 2019. I am sure you will be looking for help, and we are here to do just that. For those in Patna, join our NIFT Situation Test Patna crash course at AFS Patna now!

How to tackle the questions in NIFT Situation Test Patna

afs patna, nift entrance exam, nift situation test 2019, nift situation test patna

The questions asked in the NIFT situation test are of the creative kind, where students are presented with a few real-world problems which they are then expected to provide solutions to, by creating a model using the materials provided. The model will be 3D and need to provide a direct solution to the question you have chosen to answer on the day of NIFT Situation Test Patna. Also, students are expected to support their model with a write-up which needs to perfectly describe your 3D model and how it solves the given problem. The write-up and the model together will be judged by the jury present at the NIFT Situation Test Patna. Often times, students get carried away into designing something very complex, which should be avoided at all costs during the NIFT situation test. Only use the materials that are absolutely necessary to make the model, and leave all the unused items back in the kit. Simple designs with accurate write-ups have the best chance of high scores in the upcoming NIFT Situation Test 2019.

Why AFS is the perfect choice for NIFT Situation Test 2019

The esteemed faculty at AFS include NIFT and NID alumni from around the country to help guide their students better and help them crack the NIFT situation test Patna and go on to crack NIFT entrance tests 2019. Moreover, they will be provided with state-of-the-art training equipment which will help them be better prepared for the upcoming NIFT situation Test 2019.

Since 20% of the total score in the NIFT entrance exam is based on your performance in the NIFT situation Test 2019, you will need to focus on performing the best you can if you want to do well in the NIFT situation test Patna. The faculty at AFS Patna make sure to prepare its students for the jury round through a holistic teaching approach. Even if you haven’t done well in the written round of the NIFT entrance exam 2019, you can still change your fate by performing well in the upcoming NIFT situation test Patna by joining the best NIFT coaching institute in Patna, AFS Patna.

Join the NIFT Situation Test Crash Course at AFS Patna now.

With expert teachers and industry standard teaching practices that help students understand the basics of the upcoming NIFT situation tests through accurate mock tests, AFS Patna is the best NIFT coaching institute in Patna. Join their Situation Test crash course now to have the best chance at cracking the NIFT Situation Test Patna and making it to your dream college.

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