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Congratulations on cracking the NIFT entrance exam and making it this far! Now that you are done with the written part of the entrance process, it’s time to get ready to face the NIFT Situation Test. Worried about what will happen during the Situation Test? Well, don’t. Because the expert faculty at AFS have come up with a few key tips to help you make it through the upcoming Situation Test. However, before we get started, it would do you good to know a little more about the NIFT situation test. So let’s get started!

What is the NIFT situation Test?

As we mentioned in our previous blog, the NIFT situation test is the second stage of the NIFT admission process after a written exam for applicants in the B.Des stream. After the results of the NIFT entrance exam is declared, usually around March, the candidates who are on the merit list are expected to appear for the next round, i.e. the Situation Test. The test is 2 hours long and students are presented with a variety of questions to answer, of which they have to choose only one. The questions are often real-world problems and students are asked to create a model from the materials provided and supplement it with a write up depicting your solution of the given problem.

20 % of the score of each candidate in the NIFT situation test is added to the 80% of their respective score in the written examination, after which the final results are calculated. So even for those who think they have only just made the cut after the written exam and don’t think they stand a chance to get into the prestigious design college, well, think again. 20% of your fate is still in your own hands, so better start preparing to ace the upcoming Situation Test to get into your dream college.

Tips for the upcoming NIFT Situation Test

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    •  The total duration of the test is 2 hours, so make sure you are done with your model and write-up in about one and a half hours, so as to save you some time for the final revision before submitting the project.
    • After you have selected a question to answer as per your choice, get started by making a rough sketch of the model you will be preparing in the first 10-15 minutes of the test. This will help you work out the kinks in the model before you actually start working on it, saving you crucial time and wasted resources.
    • During the write-up, make sure to draw a complete sketch of the model you have made and label them properly. After you are done with the sketch of the model, start with describing why you chose the specific model as the answer to the given question and how your model is better than the current designs.
    • You don’t have use all of the materials given, and we suggest you use only about 80% of them. Test your model for stability and ease of use, and make sure your model directly answers the question you chose at the start of the test. Having a wobbly model may lead to a low score by the Jury, ultimately harming your chances of getting into NIFT.
    • After you are done with the model and the write-up, clean your mess up! Make sure to put the unused items back in your kit and leave the table as you found it.

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