Just done with your 12th standard and looking for ways to make your career in fashion? Are you looking to get into NIFT and have no clue where to start your search for best coaching institutes? Well, you have come to the right place. In today’s blog, we will not only tell you about the best coaching institute for NIFT in Patna but also about the different factors that will most likely affect your choice of a suitable coaching institute for NIFT and NID.

Should you join a coaching institute for NIFT or NID?

With the ever-increasing competition in all walks of life, it has become increasingly difficult for students to get into their dream colleges and universities. And with the internet becoming what it is now, and with uncategorized information available everywhere, there is a loss of “correct” information, so it’s important now than ever before to know the whats and the hows, and there is where coaching institutes come in. Joining a coaching institute will help you study effectively and smart, resulting in a higher success percentage.


Coaching institutes are nothing without a dedicated faculty working for the benefit of its students. With the right faculty and teaching methods, students can achieve their true potential with minimum effort on their part. And we have kept this essential point in mind while deciding the best coaching institute for NIFT in Patna.

Past results

Not only are past results an indicator of a coaching institute’s overall performance, but it is also a marker of the amount of effort an institution puts into its students, and their success. Thus, we have remembered this crucial point while making the final decision for coaching institutes for NIFT in Patna.

Prime location

Among a number of variables that make up the perfect coaching institute for you, its location is one big thing to think about. You wouldn’t want to travel to a completely different part of the city just to take coaching classes. So we have tried to find the best coaching institutes for NIFT that are conveniently located.


” Out of your vulnerabilities, comes your strength.” Competitiveness drives performance and innovation.  With competition around, you are bound to keep your eyes open and catch every detail in the way so that you remain on top.

The right choice: Academy of Fashion Studies(AFS), Patna

After a lot of research on the topic, and keeping in mind the deciding factors for the choice, the Academy of Fashion Studies(AFS), Patna comes out as the clear winner amongst NIFT coaching institutes in Patna. With stellar faculty and past track record, Academy of Fashion Studies, Patna has quickly become the best coaching institute for NIFT in Patna amongst the youngsters. The teachers at AFS Patna not only teach, but help their students to learn by providing after-hours teaching sessions along with a comprehensive teaching strategy.

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